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The Program Operations Department has the primary responsibility to administer the applications for housing received by the Yurok Indian Housing Authority and to provide housing information to tribal members. What this entails is, the staff within the department assist tribal members complete applications for various housing services and compiling the necessary documentation required to complete the application file. It is the tribal members responsibility to provide any documentation requested by the staff. Applicants cannot receive services until all required documentation is on file. This includes a complete and signed application, Release of Information Forms signed by all adults in the household, proof of tribal enrollment, copies of Social Security cards for all members of the household, and income verification for all adult members of the household. Upon the Receipt of an application, a file is made for the tribal member and their information is entered on the database. This database then ranks them according to their point score and places them on the waiting list for the program they have applied for. The point score criteria is the single most important factor in the priority which tribal members receive services. Elders are eligible to receive the most points, thus giving them priority on our waiting lists. Each Program which the housing authority offers has its’ own waiting list. An applicants place on the waiting list can move up or down as new applications are received or as applicants receive services and are removed from the waiting list.

In addition to administering applications, Program Operations has the responsibility to assist our tenants in a variety of ways, including providing counseling, giving referrals, and assistance to improve the standard of living. The counseling services we provide consist of Financial Skills Literacy, Home buyers Education, budgeting, home maintenance, and career development. When a tenant or tribal member has need of assistance beyond the housing authority’s ability to provide, we give referrals to community agencies or organizations that may be able to assist with their needs. We are able to improve our tenants’ standard of living primarily by providing them with home, which without our programs, they would not be able to afford. In addition to this we will soon provide career counseling which will include some basic computer training, resume development, interviewing techniques, and job searching. We also open and maintain liaisons with the tribal departments, area agencies and organizations.

When a tribal member has a question regarding our programs, wants to know the status of their application, or needs assistance contacting community resources, they should contact an employee within the Program Operations Department.



Rachel Dowd

Program Operations Director


Otto Hodge

Program Operations Inspector

Extension 1016



Hector Natt, Sr.

Program Operations Inspector



Hector grew up in Trinidad, then moved to Orleans and various other places prior to coming to Del Norte County in 1999.  He has four kids and a wife.  Prior to working for YIHA he was a heavy equipment operator.  He likes working here because "it is good, steady work and it is helping my own people which is a rewarding experience."


Sara Barbour

Program Operations Specialist

Extension 1005



Shante Scott

Program Operations Specialist

Extension 1007



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