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The maintenance department is under the guidance of the Programs Operation Director. The Maintenance crew is responsible for general repairs and upkeep of YIHA properties. They are also responsible for unit turns, which is preparing a rental unit that has been vacated for the occupancy of another client. Emergency work orders remain a priority for the maintenance crews. If you have any questions for the Maintenance Department or need to turn in a work order request, call Rachel Provolt at 707-482-1506 ext. 1009.


Larry Nova

Grounds Maintenance


Larry is a Yurok Tribal member, has worked for YIHA since 2007. He began as a temporary from the TERO list and then became a full time employee for the Maintenance department. Born and raised in Klamath ( a descendent of the Morke village), Larry is excited about the recent changes in YIHA's operation, as well as the increase in staff. "More people on staff means we get to help more people in the tribe and that's what we are all about."


Shawn Worth

Shop Steward

Extension 1015

Shawn is a Yurok Tribal member, born and raised in the Trinidad. He joined the YIHA staff August of 2009. Past jobs include Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Submerged Navigation Specialist, and Automotive Mechanic. When not working, Shawn likes to hang out with friends and family.


Darrell Sims

Maintenance Worker


Lance Bates

Temp Maintenance Worker


Anthony Alameda

Temp Maintenance Worker


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