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The Land & Development Department implements all of the Indian Housing Authority development and land acquisition activities, including new construction, rehabilitation, infrastructure development ,construction contract administration, fee-to-trust assistance, improved and unimproved land acquisition, land title clearance, appraisals and environmental & cultural compliance.

All housing projects can take much longer than most realize. YIHA is required to obtain permits and inspections of various kinds before breaking ground. On all housing land acquisitions and projects, the Housing Authority is required by HUD to perform an Environmental Review of the property on which the project will take place. The environmental process includes searching the property for endangered species, coastal zones, air quality, etc. The process also involves cultural and historical clearance. Depending on the scope of the housing project, Environmental Reviews can range from a one month to a six month time frame for completion.

Additionally, the Department is responsible for the inspection of completed projects and the maintenance of the existing housing units owned by the Yurok Indian Housing Authority.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Leonard LaFazio Development Manager.



Leonard LaFazio

Development Director

Leonard joined the staff September 2008. He has lived in the area nearly all of his life. He lives with his wife, they have 3 kids and 4 grandchildren. Leonard has lots of experience in the field of construction and has been a real asset to the Land & Development team here at YIHA. "I love it here. It's hard to stay away."


Joseph Brien

Development/Procurement Clerk

Extension 1013


Joe came to YIHA in November of 2009 as a temporary to the combined positions of Procurement Clerk and Development Clerk. He has tackled the merger very well and fits into the YIHA family perfectly. Raised in Oregon, Joe moved to the area in 1999 with most of his family. He has two wonderful grown children and says that, "It's a joy to work for YIHA. Its like that show "Extreme Home Make-Over", watching the transformation in the tribal community. Its exhilarating and brings hope to the people for a better future."


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